A3 : Community involvement
 Community learning spirit. Collaboration. 

It is possible to identify significant learning opportunities taking place in school and elsewhere in the community
Learning is available to the whole community through school based out of hours drop-in centres offering an appropriate mix of tutor led, supported and independent study
The school operates as the hub of the local community by sharing its resources, facilities and knowledge
Students have opportunities to video conference with experts; Pupils are able to undertake virtual school visits as individuals and in groups
The classroom is made less of an enclosed learning space by the use of ICT to undertake virtual visits, good quality research studies and video conferencing with experts
The school supports a learning community that promotes positive social interaction and encourages learning in all its forms, rather than as the narrow transfer of defined knowledge
Students pursue learning in far more flexible and collaborative ways which accepts that not all learners make progress at the same pace
There is evidence that the school school functions as a learning organisation
Staff and students share expertise and knowledge freely

There is educationally beneficial contact with other learning communities or schools in other districts and countries
ICT is fully used to bring information across the world into the learning process
Transition between Years 6 and 7 is supported by video-conferencing to enable Year 6 pupils to meet and become accustomed to the secondary school
The school actively seeks to be part of a national and international network of learning communities
The school is an active and positive part of the wider community, offering resources to that community and making a positive contribution to its economic well-being
There is an involvement of the pupils' own community in the life of the school
The Communication aspect of ICT is promoted to support the development of essential communication skills of learners using a range of media
Learning activities and pupils work are regularly recorded on video and by digital photography to build up a showcase of achievements that inform many audiences
The school demonstrates in many ways that it is part of a bigger system. It judges itself not on point scores but on how well it prepares every pupil to learn and live in the world outside of school
The school projects an ethos which incorporates the whole community embarking on a joint learning journey
Students learn the benefits of collaborative learning and teamwork when using media tools
Completed or draft work is posted for display and a constructive dialogue about the work takes place between the student and teacher and the student and their peers
Students learn together in many different contexts and groupings, with good access to resources, media, tools, expertise and guidance
Pupils have been taught to be inquisitive about other peoples and other cultures and to seek to understand about the differences that they discover
Students are helped to develop an appropriate social presence online to maximise the social aspects of learning
Teaching focuses on whole person - which includes understanding and valuing learners' home context and interests

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