Transforming Learning in the Primary School
Contributing authors : Miles Berry and Mike Partridge

Critique/Commentary on key points

It is vital that primary teachers see learning platforms as potential hosts for rich media, a wide range of activities and social engagement possibilities. It is vital they learn about this through experience and consider some key questions:
  How can the need to show this richness of opportunity be balanced against the need to see teachers as learners, who need to work within their own 'safety zone', tackling new concepts when ready?
  Are the primary teachers entering this CPD landscape envisaged as self-starting independent learners or is it necessary to consider the pedagogy best adopted by those who will motivate, help and guide?

The CPD landscape envisaged is extensive and will take time and money to implement.
  What are the priorities?
  Which bits should be implemented first?

The community of practice will need expertise in a wide range of pedagogic knowledge and skills.
  Is an individual primary school able to satisfactorily engage in CPD on learning platforms by itself or is there an implication that CPD in this area for primary schools must necessarily be arranged inter-school or in communities of schools?

The intrinsic motivation to join the community of practice and extrinsic motivation of accreditation will work for some, not all.
  In secondary/14-19 the necessity to help students become independent learners able to make use of e-learning, before they leave school and enter the world of work, requires that all students must gain experience of learning platforms. Are there reasons why all pupils at primary level should experience and use some aspects of learning platform functionality?
  If all pupils at primary level should experience and use learning platform functionality, what will be the drivers in the primary school which draw the less motivated teachers into appropriate CPD?

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