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How to make an interactive game
  Donna Burton-Wilcock on using Immersive Education's 'Mission Maker'

How to make a podcast

Doug Dickinson, independent consultant, shows how to make a podcast with Podium software.

How to use a screen capture program
  Ian Usher shows how to use Adobe's Captivate.

How to use a screen capture program
  Stuart Swann shows how to use layers to create Julian Opie syle portraits.


Launch of the first Naace How-To Guides
Naace Strategic Conference Feb 2007

Naace is very pleased to announce that in collaboration with a group of Naace Sponsoring Partners an initial set of How-To Guides is now available. They can be accessed by clicking on the Future-Learning link on the Naace website and then the 'How-To Guides' link in the Professional Knowledge Framework. As part of the Naace website refresh, the How-To Guides will soon be directly accessible from the website home page.

This is a very significant development as Naace Sponsoring Partners hold an important part of the knowledge of the Naace Community, particularly that relating to the future development of ICT and the new opportunities in teaching and learning that are opening up as a result of new products and services. Many Sponsoring Partners also work closely with teachers and schools to explore classroom use and developing pedagogy, and produce guidance and case studies to help teachers - which How-To Guides are also linking to.

New opportunities from ICT; New approaches to CPD
The prime need of teachers is to see how colleagues make best use of ICT. The How-To Guides are making use of video insights and modular video exemplars, to provide Naace members with first-hand access to people experienced in the use of the leading edge of ICT in education. As teachers' familiarity with podcasts and vidcasts grows they will be able to make time-effective use of the How-To Guides for 'just-in-time' CPD as well as to support longer term professional development.

Linking of How-To Guides to professional development
A major problem has been that of finding online sources of professional development help; much time can be wasted on the Internet. The ICT-in-Education Professional Knowledge Framework has been created to act as a directory of support for CPD, guiding users to overviews, self-study resources, online communities, relevant research and accreditation.
Teams have now been commissioned to start development of knowledge bases for four areas of CPD need identified by the Pull CPD project Online Reference Group. The FAQs these teams are developing will direct users to the most helpful How-To Guides as well as other resources.

Naace Sponsoring Partners are invited to nominate educators to become part of the teams working on the Professional Knowledge Framework, to contribute their expertise - email

More and more Guides……

Now that a process for production of How-To Guides has been established, and now that access routes to guide Naace members towards them have been created, the second phase of How-Guide development has started. The many Naace Sponsoring Partners who have expressed interest in producing How-To Guides can now contribute to growing the pool of guidance and help available to Naace members.

Sponsors wishing to produce How-To Guides are invited to email:

a Naace development