Development Process

This Knowledge Framework is being developed through a project jointly funded by Becta and Naace.

In this prototype version none of the guidance for the areas of knowledge has yet been developed. Teams of Naace members are now being commissioned to develop knowledge bases for the four highlighted areas of knowledge:

Collaborative and community learning - How learning can be enhanced by collaborative approaches and the use of the communications opportunities presented by ICT, including 'Web2.0' systems. (Team Leader - Leon Cych)

Visual approaches to teaching and learning - The skills teachers need, and the best pedagogic approaches, for visually-based and multi-modal approaches to teaching and learning. (Team Leaders - Christina Preston, John Cuthell)

ICT as a subject - The teaching of ICT as a subject, particularly the conceptual basis for the subject, the developing use of ICT in industry and commerce, and teaching approaches which extend and develop on guidance available from other agencies. (Team Leaders - Jan Blake, Neil Stanley)

Learning Platforms - The practical implementation of learning platforms in schools, across both primary and secondary schools, and considering senior management, middle management and classroom teacher professional development needs. (Team Leader - Paul Heinrich)

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