We are grateful to those individuals and their organisations who attended the recent 'Pull CPD' Priorities Meeting. This event provided an important input to the design and direction of this project.
Organisations represented included Becta, QCA, TDA, Mirandanet, Naace, National Strategies, NCSL, Partnerships for Schools, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, Ultralab


We recognise the important content-shaping work of the 'Online Reference Group' whose members' contributions will be acknowledged here in due course.

We are also grateful to members of the initial four development teams, whose current work will lend substance to some key areas within the Knowledge Framework:

Collaborative and community learning - Leon Cych
Visual approaches to teaching and learning - Christina Preston, John Cuthell
ICT as a subject - Jan Blake, Neil Stanley
Learning Platforms - Paul Heinrich


a Naace development