Transforming Learning in the School of the Future

ICT has always held great promise for making it possible for pupils to gain more from their school experience. Although the use of ICT in education is now significant, it is likely that there is still potential for ICT to make a step-change increase in the impact of ICT upon the learning of all pupils.

The materials on this site are designed to support schools on an ambitious journey to go beyond what is currently accepted as best practice, in order to make the systemic changes needed to be transformational rather than just optimal.

Schools involved with 'Building Schools for the Future', and other schools that aspire to link their ICT investment to a greater-than-average impact upon pupil achievement, are likely to find the materials on this site to be of significant practical use in rethinking how the interface between ICT and learning might be reorganised to bring about transformational impact.

The information on this website should enable a school to:
  determine the changes in organisation, approaches and attitudes that will be needed
  decide what ICT approaches that will need to be implemented, to enable and support
     these changes
  appreciate how these changes relate to the wider arena of learning, teaching, the
     education system and statutory obligations.

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