B1: ICT tools for Teaching, Communication and


Teachers use technologies to collaborate with other teachers to share materials, and for professional dialogue
Teachers have full access to unfiltered information sources and do not meet ICT restrictions that limit their professional work
Subject Leaders are proactive in developing electronic learning content, assignments etc and making it available on the school ICT systems
All teachers have access to a good range electronic source materials relevant to their subject
All teachers can demonstrate at least the basic, essential ICT skills associated with electronic communication
All teachers have professional plans which include developing their repertoire of ICT use in their subject
Teachers are skilled in encouraging students to seek to use ICT in increasingly sophisticated ways to communicate their learning
Teacher presentations are much more than dull, didactic use of PowerPoint; ICT is used to provide a range of contexts and exemplars and is used interactively with learners

The VLE supports and simplifies communication throughout the school community for all purposes
Students can use whiteboards, laptops, visualisers etc. and as part of normal class activity
A combination of wired and wireless networks provides access anywhere on site
Interactive whiteboards are used by students to communicate their ideas and understanding to the whole class
There is projection technology in every learning area
The ICT systems and applications available to teachers and learners work fast and reliably
A common learning space in the school provides good access to ICT learning resources, supported by sensible policies
Students frequently make well-designed PowerPoint presentations to the whole class to reveal what they have learnt through research
Students design content for, and run, a school radio station
Students can communicate with their teachers about their learning by email
Students' learning includes creating content rather than by 'consuming' it
The Internet is used effectively as a provider of real world content
Pupils have access to a range of electronic role-play toys in their early years
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