B6 : Support, 24/7 reliability; service contract 

A effective managed service covers maintenance of all ICT systems and an agreed list of core software applications
The managed service follows a sensible policy that balances the dangers of the Internet with the need to empower learners
The managed service is subject to regular review and adjustment to ensure that the school has the service it needs to be completely effective in regards to ICT use
The managed service allows for development of the range of functions of the ICT systems
Under lease-purchase, or similar arrangements, ICT hardware is subject to a replacement and reallocation plan every 3-4 years

The school refuses to permit restrictions placed on learning with ICT; security decisions, whilst important, must strike the right balance
Teaching staff have unrestricted access to the world wide web, email etc
There is a single, efficient, logging on procedure for access to all applications and folders in a person's work area, across the site and in other centres of learning that pupils will attend
The ICT technology, network system and Internet connection have a sufficiently high specification that it can support memory hungry, processor-demanding and high speed applications
 Teachers and learners have each signed separate agreements which describe the school's requirements as to how ICT systems are to be used
 There are school-level arrangements for dealing with technical problems rapidly
 A log book of problems encountered is reviewed by the SLT to ensure that the school is getting good performance and value for money from its ICT investment
 Whenever teachers are unable to focus completely on teaching, but get drawn into ICT problems, these incidents should be examined and procedures adjusted
 Support staff are fully trained to deal with first level technical support issues
 There is good organisational support for the development of the school's electronic library of teaching and learning resources, linked to the work of the library or learning resources area
 Students who make use of ICT at home have access to technical support or guidance on resolving problems
 Technical support staff are encouraged to become fully involved in understanding and supporting the development of ICT applications across subjects; including attendance at meetings and CPD activities

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