B3 : A learning platform closely linked to the school's         organisational approach
The learning platform complements face-to-face learning and extends opportunities to take that learning further through remote use, including disadvantaged, excluded or remote groups of learners
The learning platform supports the addition of courses from outside providers, video-conferencing, RSS feeds and podcasts, data feeds on personal assessments; managed by a sensible security and use policy
The learning platform extends to use and involvement by groups outside of school - parents and broader community partrners
The learning platform supports the development of new communication activities like chat, instant messaging, blogging, podcasting - and pupils are taught abouut the safe and effective use of these activities
The learning platform offers the flexability to add new tools and functionality as they become available, and can support learning activities through a variety of networked devices, without technical restrictions
The learning platform extends its functions to social learning and interaction through moderated links to games sites, virtual coffee bars, and sites that promote extended and enriched learning
The learning platform provides feedback and response mechanisms that assure that learners receive the quality and expectation of provision that the school aspires to
The learning platform/content management system contains all teaching resources together and pupil-level courseware and provides high-function, personal work spaces for teachers and learners
The learning platform provides a complete range of tools that removes barriers to work patterns that bridge traditional and electronic work methods including supporting handwritten, drawn, spoken and other non-digital inputs
The learning platform supports the management of learning, learning plans, career development and e-portfolio building in a coherent way from early learning into further and higher education
The learning platform provides the functions and tools to allow learners and teachers to easily record and report their plans, activities, outcomes and achievements
The school community regards the learning portal as an efficient one-stop shop for locating resources, information and tools for learning: more useful than using an open browser
The learning platform provides content and methods optimised for the age and ability of the target learner audience
The learning platform mirrors traditional ways to deliver the curriculum in its function and its scope; learners can access the complete curriculum independently
The Learning Platform provides full, two-way integration at a management level with information provided by Management Information Systems, government bodies, local authority services and tools for data analysis and reporting
There is efficient integration between the learning platform and a functional school web-site, efficiently enabling safe but empowered use of the Internet, email, portfolios, personal learning spaces, specialist group and forum membership
The learning platform 'joins up' every aspect of school life providing coherence to learning across subjects and aspects and in learning methods and consistency of learner expectation
The learning platform provides a high degree of connectivity with devices like video cameras, recording devices, data-loggers, MP3 players and a range of editing tools to support the integration and publishing of multi-media
The learning platform acts as a focal point to the range of functions of the school, in relation to facilitating collaboration, communication, information sharing, knowledge management, institutional improvement, and access to learning resources

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