B2: Interactive digital resources and
               resources for creativity

Provision of a wide-range of online resources and software is accessible from the learning platform, tagged and categorised for easy access
There is access to school shared resources from anywhere in the world and at any time
Access to learning platform resources is also possible from mobile devices like wireless laptops, PDAs and mobile phones
Learners have access to low-cost digicams, digital video, microscopes and visualisers
The school promotes visual literacy and the use of multimedia resources as an extension to more traditional literacy development
The school has a quality media production facility and support staff that can be used by all subject areas
Multiple learning resources are available, indexed and signposted through the VLE
Some ICT learning resources reflect the best software techniques and interactive methods developed from games environments

Teachers make use of interactive tools that allow them to rapidly build learning resources, computer models, presentations and on-line learning activities
Teachers make use of high quality, licensed multimedia interactive resources which they can adapt and add their teaching programmes
ICT is used to enable the export and import of expertise, resources and support for all staff and pupils
There is good quality advice and guidance available to teachers to help them make judgements about the resources and materials available to them
Teachers make use of ICT to support and manage the effective use of
individual learning plans and to track pupil progress

The school has invested in appropriate support staff to cover the technical, developmental and creative classroom use of staff of ICT learning resources across all areas of learning
Support staff enable teachers to concentrate on teaching and learning issues rather than maintenance, organisational issues or resource creation
Support staff are able to assist in lessons and provide practical support to learners in relation to their use of ICT
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