The decision process in transforming education

The central reason for transforming education is to optimise the achievement and success of every learner. For this reason it is essential that all decisions are based on understanding the needs of learning and teaching processes and the school community that nurtures them.

In order to determine the nature of the transformation we first need to:

Consider the main characteristics of 'transformed education' and decide which approaches are most suitable for our school or college.

Consider the main educational, statutory, organisational and change-management issues that we need to take account of in making the decision about approaches.

Decide which of the options for the use of ICT will best enable and support the approaches to transformed education we have decided upon, and are affordable and manageable.

Decide the priority order for implementing the required ICT and the changes that it will enable and support.

Then, as a point of principle, we need to answer the question:
"In the decisions we need to make, are we prepared to put the learner first?"

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