What is a 'toolkit'?

Professional development and management decision making are processes.
A process needs:
  a path to follow.
  approaches to use to aid thinking about the issues involved.
  resources to use to stimulate and guide discussion and thinking.
  routes to further help and deeper resources.

The toolkits might be an amalgam of these things, through which we can find the best paths to help us make change to do things differently. The toolkits are grounded in a 'learning journey', to help us identify our current stage of knowledge and development, when we are on the path, and what the next steps are.

The stages of the learning journey will be:
I know what I don't know

I can explore and scope what I need to be able to know and do, and relate this
to my specific context.

I can decide what it is most critical to know and do
I can get information about what it is most critical to know and do,
    and scope what is possible
I learn how to do what I need to do, and to internalise the necessary knowledge
I get the resources and systems in place to enable me to do what is necessary
I can help others around me to play their roles to do what is necessary 
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