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Kowari is a learning platform developed with passion and a thorough understanding of learning and teaching by Simica Ltd.

Some people may remember our company name (Simica) but most remembered our amazing product name (Kowari)…… as a result we ended up confusing people.  As life is complicated enough we underwent a Kowarification process and now will just be known simply as Kowari………

Kowari is a new and pioneering development in online learning for early years and primary schools. We want to change the way pupils use ICT to communicate, collaborate and support their learning. Unlike other learning platforms, Kowari is specifically designed from the foundation stage up.

  • Anytime, anywhere access for pupils
  • Parental access to support their child’s learning
  • Parents, teachers and pupils working in partnership
  • Footprints  - the unique multimedia e-portfolio of the child’s learning journey
  • Simple to use tools to create age appropriate activities
  • Easily changeable interfaces to match the needs of the individual child
  • Specifically designed from early years upwards
  • Minimal training requirements to use effectively


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Author: Nina Garforth


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