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SAM Learning Ltd

BETT 2007


Company Description
SAM Learning is the UKís most popular online subscription service for Secondary and Primary schools and provides online revision, exam and test practice for nearly 1 million pupils and students. It covers SATís at Key stages 2 and 3, GCSE and A level. There 90 LA partners and other sponsors supporting the use of SAM Learning in 60% of English state secondary schools and since the launch of SAM Learning Primary in 2005 over 1000 new primary schools.
Company Mission
Our mission is to help raise achievement in UK schools by providing high value services that reduce workload for teachers and schools managers while enabling learners to take more responsibility and improve their results.

Company Services 

SAM Learning Primary
Recently launched and designed with young users in mind. Providing practice and revision for SATs at Key Stage 2, transitions materials for Yr 6 pupils following SATS, Key Stage 3 content for Middle schools and extension resources

SAM Learning Secondary
The core SAM Learning service providing test practice and revision for Key Stage 3 SATs, GCSE and A level.

SAM Learning PLUS
Launched in 2006 providing user schools with additional services and reporting to help embed SAM Learning within the school development plan and strategies to support improvements in pupil attainment
SAM Learning offers 50 online courses for SATís and GCSE that have been proven to raise achievement in schools. Courses are written by experienced subject teachers and examiners who help students to understand what examiners are looking for in answers to exam questions. Students receive instant feedback and marks giving them the opportunity to identify strengths and areas for improvement and targeted revision targets before the exams


BETT Awards 2007 (Category: Supporting Institutional Leadership and School Management)

Eduacation Resources Awards 2006 (Category:Supplier of the Year)


Member of BESA
Sponsor of NAACE
Sponsor of Confed (which means?)
Curriculum Online (COL) Approved Supplier

Founded  1994

David Jaffa, Managing Director
Kenneth Masters, Director
Mike Taylor, Sales & Marketing Director
Finbar McGaughey, Commercial Director
Jeff Thomasson, Non-Executive Director

Registered Office SAM Learning Ltd  
29-30 Fitzroy Square
London W1T 6LQ
Registered in England No 2826785


Public Relations Mango Marketing
   1B Quadrant Courtyard
   Courtyard Way
   Surrey, KT 13 8DR
Contact: rachel.smith



Fischer Family Trust impact of E Learning Report 2

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