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The new CachePilot Plus

Equiinet is the UK’s leading provider of eLearning caching and smart content delivery appliances. Working with content partners Espresso, KnowledgeBox and Sherston and integrators like Easynet, Synetrix, Cable and Wireless and Kingston it is the established market leader with over 11,000 units supplied to over 75 local authorities and broadband consortia.

Equiinet’s CachePilot is a dedicated caching appliance able to cache, store and deliver at network speed web pages, whole web sites and media-rich e-learning content. Equiinet works with local authorities and schools to develop the product to meet ever-changing eLearning needs. As a result, CachePilot comes out on top in a large numbers of RBC and local authority evaluation trials. 


SecurePilot is a dedicated multiport gateway appliance offering schools a secure firewall to both the outside world and across the internal network. Secirity from external and internal attack is enhanced with intrusion detection and prevention and anti virus options to filter out viruses, trojans and worms.  Multiple configurable 10/100/100 Ethernet ports allow flexible deployment of DMZ's and multiple LAN interfaces eg Curriculumanfd Admin. VPN communication and a secure H.323 gateway for video conferencing are all included and options include AV and web filtering

Please contact Darren Armstrong on 01793 603706, or



CachePilot datasheet

SecurePilot datasheet

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Author: Mike Taylor April 2006


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