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ICT across subjects of the curriculum

It is a requirement of Curriculum 2000 that ICT is used in subjects of the National Curriculum. The statutory requirements for using ICT in subjects are generally regarded by subject associations as being reasonable extensions of work undertaken using conventional media, but with potential to improve teaching and learning were ICT to be used as the medium for these activities.

Ofsted inspectors will comment in the subject paragraphs that they write about whether these requirements are being met in subjects. At the present time it is not uncommon for a subject area to appear in an Ofsted report as good, except that it currently does not comply with the statutory requirement to deliver ICT.

ICT is therefore an area of potential weakness in many otherwise high-achieving schools.
Knowing what the statutory targets are is the first step towards improvement. The details about statutory targets in subjects can be downloaded from here.

Many schools wishing to comply with these requirements will make the understanding, planning and delivery of these requirements part of the expectation of the role of the Head of Subject. ICT Coordinators are well placed to offer support and guidance with this area of ICT development.

Beyond statutory targets, the scope for learners to acquire subject knowledge and skills using the medium of ICT is very great. Potentially there will be aspects of every lesson which would benefit from the use of ICT and the development of electronic learning centres in school will promote such opportunities. In addition, the development of ICT within areas of the school will further help to integrate the use of ICT with existing curriculum activities.




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