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"The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavour to be what you desire to appear."

Naacemark is a quality assurance scheme for ICT in schools developed by Naace in association with Becta. This scheme focuses directly on the whole school approach to teaching and learning with ICT. Schools that are successfully Implementing ICT can be accredited for their success through the acquistion of Naacemark.

The award known as the Naacemark stands for quality and is intended to promote the use of ICT to enhance teaching and learning whilst providing opportunities for pupils to engage in the improvement and development of their ICT capability.

The aim of Naacemark is to:
promote the importance of ICT to the curriculum
improve the effective use of ICT in teaching and learning
promote quality provision in the teaching of ICT
improve the use of ICT as a management tool to enhance provision and communication
disseminate good practice

Naacemark Success Criteria
In order for schools to receive the award, the following elements must be in place.

A whole school ICT strategic action plan, with an effective means of monitoring and assessing progress
A clear and comprehensive ICT policy
A full scheme of work for ICT
A planned approach to using ICT within, and across, the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning
Assessment of pupil progress in ICT
Use of ICT tools to track pupil progress and performance data
Targets for improving performance and resources
A commitment to whole school staff development to enable better teaching and learning with ICT
A commitment to developing communications between the school, homes and the community to promote learning through ICT
A commitment to shared development with partners

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