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Monitoring ICT

'Monitor' - to test or sample; to keep track of systematically by collecting information

Monitoring is a periodic check to see that the processes that support ICT development are on track to give the expected results. It is useful if the methods used to monitor ICT work are similar to those used by Ofsted, so that the school's monitoring would produce the same picture as Ofsted would find, were ICT to be inspected.

The two important sources of evidence for monitoring progress in ICT are pupils' work and observing ICT lessons. Pupils work will form the basis of a discussion with a teacher about progress towards target levels of attainment. The notes on the 'Assessment' page on this site look at the issues associated with assessing pupils' work in more detail.

Observing lessons is fairly common practice now in schools.
The key to school monitoring is agreeing the criteria for the observation prior to the observation
and treating the process as about sharing views on good professional practice rather than 'inspecting'. Monitoring is not about checking up on teachers, it is about reviewing the impact of teaching on learning.

The Becta inspection website provides useful tools to aid monitoring.
Two different approaches to monitoring an ICT lesson are presented at the bottom of this page - one based on Ofsted inspection criteria and the other developed by an LEA.

The consequences of monitoring of ICT will be:
evidence of whether the progress made by pupils is as it should be
confirmation that the scheme of work, support materials and systems are aiding teaching
underpinning teachers' understanding of attainment in ICT and its characteristics
identifying and sharing good practice in teaching using ICT

Following a monitoring activity, verbal reports should be made to individual teachers, and a broad, written summative report should be provided to the headteacher.


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