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School self-evaluation of ICT

"One must know oneself, if this does not serve to discover truth, it at least serves as a rule of life." -Blaise Pascal (1623 - 1662)

The purposes of self-evaluation in ICT
The purposes of undertaking self-evaluation of the ICT work of a school might include the following :

to find out the impact of the schools' ICT arrangements upon the work of the school
to check that the teaching of ICT is leading to appropriate improvements in pupils' ICT Capability
to check that the ICT scheme of work is providing a balance of experiences at the right levels
to check there are no obstacles preventing effective teaching and learning with ICT taking place
to ensure that the scheme is complying with statutory requirements for ICT and ICT in subjects
to establish priorities for further development
to determine what Ofsted would say about ICT in the school if it were to be inspected

School self-evaluation is a senior management issue, and a good example of where the headteacher and ICT Coordinator can work together in establishing the overall picture of the quality of the school's ICT programme.

Clarity, Criteria and Comparisons
There need to be terms of reference for undertaking self-evaluation, and a framework which captures all those components of the ICT work of a school which impact upon ICT standards.
There needs to be clarity about statutory requirements for what should be taught, criteria by which to make judgements and information about national standards to compare the school against.

The links and resources on this page present a range of resources to illustrate different tools and methods that can be used for self-evaluation of a schools' ICT work.


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Downloadable files  
  School ICT self-evaluation toolkit - a management tool for headteachers (Redbridge LEA)
School ICT self evaluation toolkit items (Redbridge LEA)