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Technical Issues

Effective technical support for ICT systems

Good technical support is essential to the integration of ICT in teaching and learning. It is only when teachers in the classroom are supported by a school wide approach to ICT support that they are fully able to concentrate on the learning needs of pupils. ICT will only be used frequently and confidently when the technology works reliably. If and when technology fails, teachers need to be confident that contingency procedures are in place to repair or substitute it so that lessons can continue.

The importance of technical support to raising education standards is well recognised and an ICT technical support web site has been developed by DfES to provide advice and guidance regarding all aspects of technical support. The site outlines the need for technical support, gives some research evidence which throws light on a variety of approaches to technical support, raises issues of recruitment and training of technicians and gives advice on possible sources of funding. This site suggests that ICT support, including maintenance and training, may account for as much as a third of the total cost of ownership of ICT resources.


Useful Links

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