'Implementing ICT', a Naace publication, has been substantially revised in line with changes in the nature of ICT in schools, and the corresponding management and coordination issues associated with this subject. This new publication is intended as a concise digest with links to more expansive commentary where appropriate. Comments, contributions and suggestions for improvement are welcome, and can be made by sending an e-mail to impict@naace.org.

'Implementing ICT' focuses on four key themes relating to the effectiveness of ICT in schools: leadership and coordination, teaching and learning, managing infrastructure and measuring success. Key to implementing ICT will be the leadership provided by school senior managers in defining a strategy that will achieve the school's vision for ICT. The effective management of the schools' ICT strategy and its coordination underpins the importance of the role of the ICT Coordinator in primary and secondary schools. 

Schools with successful ICT work will share many of the same success criteria. 
There will be a clarity of understanding about the nature of ICT and how it relates to the core purposes of the school. There will be a collective drive towards shared goals. ICT systems will be organised and managed so that they work effectively. Lessons which use ICT will be improved through that use. It will be possible to track investments made in ICT systems through to improved learning outcomes.

There are many interrelated development issues that contribute to the successful deployment of ICT in a school. These will include strategic and management issues, curriculum issues, resource and deployment issues, and issues to do with quality and effectiveness.  Schools that aspire to success in Implementing ICT can apply for Naacemark - a prestigious award developed by Naace in association with Becta.

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