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The ICT handbook

The ICT handbook will set out the procedures for the way that ICT works in the school and how the teaching of ICT is organised. It will be important to separate the procedural aspects of organising ICT from the key statements about the school's vision for IT, the school's ICT policy and the school's ICT development plan. In practice the ICT handbook will usefully include each of these areas as section headings.

An ICT handbook might include the following information:
The school's vision of where it will be at a target future date
The way that ICT will be developed, including the principles that will underpin decisions
Development Plan
A detailed breakdown of how the vision will be achieved

Management issues and Procedures
For example:
The National Curriculum orders for ICT
ICT resources -numbers, ID and location
Room availability
Procedures for booking and using ICT rooms
How ICT is timetabled
Teaching staff
Schemes of work for ICT
ICT courses
Where ICT is used in subjects
Guidance on assessment and record keeping
Staff development opportunities
Forms to communicate faults, book rooms etc.
Minutes of ICT working party meetings
Other policy documents










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