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  The effectiveness of ICT in teaching and learning is determined by the availability and the robustness of the technologies being used. For the subject areas in schools to take advantage of the benefits that ICT can bring to learning, the resources used have to be easy to access and reliable to use. It is therefore important that the school has quality procedures for the management of its ICT infrastructure.

Procedures for managing the school infrastructure have to cover all the hardware used in school e.g. the computers, peripherals, the network infrastructure and all electronic resources in use such as generic software tools (word processors etc) subject specific resources (e.g. On-line content, Internet, CD ROMs and subject specific software) management software (e.g. network management software) and multimedia resources (e.g. clipart, pictures, sounds etc.) which can be used in many subjects and contexts.

Effective technical support for this infrastructure can mean the different between success and failure and must figure highly in the management procedures.

In this section some of the issues associated with managing infrastructure are explored.