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Design and Typography in easy steps
by Sally Hughes
published in 1998 by Computer Step
190pp ISBN 1 84078 004 5 8.99

Design and Typography in easy steps

All the 'easy steps' publications are well designed and comfortable to the eye and given the title of this book you would be correct to assume that it follows the same pattern. Using at maximum a two-page spread it covers most of the needs of someone working to improve the look of printed, presented and web-published material. Most IT 'publishers' come from a technical rather than a design background so the book includes a review of the typographical terms needed if you wish to communicate with a professional.

Commencing with a section on 'What is design', where possible layouts including white space and alignment of text is considered it moves on to 'Understanding typefaces', 'Organising your space' which looks at the use of grids and templates, 'Spice up your design', 'Avoiding common design mistakes' and 'Graphics in your designs'.

The book is software independant and has ideas and techniques that can be incorporated in al levels of page make up software.

Who should use this book? Well many IT users could benefit from a consideration of these aspects and this book would make a good, low-cost basic introduction. Teachers creating single or multi-page documents and their students producing project work would all benefit. A good volume for the school or college library.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor