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Problem Solving
KS2 upwards
CD-ROM for Mac and Windows PC

Thinking Things
published in 1996 by Iota Software

Thinking Things

This disk provides a collection of activities and has been reviewed by a group of children - as their teacher said "The children loved it and wanted to write their own report".

Fripple Shop: This activity is good for al ages as it has a beginner's level to an advanced level. You can click on the door and you will see people asking for a certain fripple. It is a great programme for learning.

Oranga Banga: This is also good for all ages and it does have different levels of difficulty, it has a question and answer round where Orange plays a tune and you repeat the tune. You can also play in the question and answer in the dark.

Tuney Loons: Tuney Loons is like Oranga Banga and is also good for listening abilities and is good to make their own tunes and listen to their Tuney Loons creation. Like Oranga Banga you can play a question and answer round but you will need to know your keys to play in the dark.

Feathered Friends: Feathered Friends is designing your very own stylish looking chicken. Children can experience how to make patterns and colours blend together. This game is just too good to miss. On question and answer you have to make a chicken and complete the pattern this also has a beginners mode and an advanced mode.

Blox-Flying Spheres: This is a weird game because the spheres or shapes are flying in the setting of your choice. There are lots of music and movements and each shape or sphere makes a noise when it reflects off a wall.

We would recommend all teachers to buy this program for the pupils of your school because it is fun and educational for all ages. It makes you think and question yourself.

Diane Hollis (teacher) and Chris Gibbens, Carl Bennett and Kyle Robinson (pupils)
Bedford Drive Primary School, Wirral