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Coordinating information & communications technology across the primary school
by Mike Harrison
published in 1998 by Falmer Press
228pp ISBN 0 7507 0690 2 12.95

Coordinating information & communications technology across the primary school

Much of the support material for ICT comes from the technological point of view - this book is different in that it is grounded firmly in the educational management domain and then uses that view to support the development of the role of ICT coordinator in the primary school. In fact some of the sections of this text are just as appropriate for those trying to manage ICT in other phases of education.

The book is divided into five parts: The role of the IT coordinator; What IT coordinators need to know; Developing policy; Monitoring and evaluation; Resources for learning. Before anything else the author considers why you actually need an IT coordinator and what is expected of them - all of this is well supported by other sources.

I think readers will find the division of the role into, initiator, facilitator, coordinator, evaluator and educator particularly useful, as well as the references to the support needs of the ICT coordinator. I also liked the list of key personal skills needed to develop and promote successful use of ICT within the curriculum.

Other aspects covered include: What IT coordinators need to know; - about children and computers, - about using computers across the curriculum, - about choosing computers, software and peripherals; school policy development, and OFSTED.

This is a useful and well-priced book - it adds considerably to the body of resources available and is a must for primary headteachers and primary ICT coordinators. In addition the initial sections should be of considerable interest to secondary ICT coordinators and those training to deliver ICT in a secondary school.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor