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Internet Search Methods
By Claire Hewson, Peter Yule, Dianna Laurent and Carl Vogel
Published in 2003 by Sage Publications
176pp ISBN 0761959203 £18.99

Internet Search Methods

We have reviewed many books that consider the Internet as a research tool. This book differs form those in that it is primarily considering the use of the Internet to collect research data.

Initial discussions around whether the Internet can be used for reliable data collection – ‘Is the Internet a Viable Research Tool?’ – is followed by a review of the resources needed. A substantive section then follows on design and implementation including Unix server scripting, Javascript, and ASP techniques.

The book concludes with ‘What can go wrong?’ and a series of 3 case studies.

This is very much a practical guide and the technologically confident researcher would find this a interesting read as would any technician who finds themselves supporting a researcher who intends to use this method of collecting data.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor