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ICT Coursework for AS level and ICT Coursework for A2
By Barbara Wilson
Published in 2003 by Hodder & Stoughton
AS - 132pp ISBN 0340857897 5.99
A2 90pp ISBN 03408177X 5.99

ICT Coursework for AS level and ICT Coursework for A2

Coursework is a substantive part of the activity of ICT A level and many books provide support in this. The thing that strikes me about these books is their best-practice avoidance of being software specific before the implementation stage.

The AS book has 20 chapters ranging from the introduction and choosing your task, through describing the task in detail, test strategies, implementation, and, user guidelines, to final reminders. Note that testing strategies comes before implementation always evidence of sound thinking.

The A2 book has 11 chapters focusing on the additional needs at A2 (including data modelling).

In both books the layout is clear and the diagrams relevant and frequent.

These are must-haves for the A level ICT department and at this price easily worth requesting the pupils to purchase. They are certainly going to be added to the booklist for my ICT teacher trainees, not in the least since we put them through a project creation process for themselves.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor