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Applied GCSE ICT learning resource
By Geoff Knott
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Subscription: 2-year site licence costs just £1750. 3rd year £250.

Applied GCSE ICT learning resource

The use of electronic resources in further the understanding of nature of ICT appears to have a duplex of advantages. The learners not only developing an understanding associated with the specified curriculum are necessarily extending their exposure to the use of ICT. The benefits for the learning in using ICT resources which are learner focused such as the provision of flexible individualised learning programmes with pace suitable to background and ability are widely accepted. With relevance to this specific resource individualised independent study is supported by

  • Vast bank of knowledge, guidance and tuition the navigation of which is supported by clear structuring and the ease of navigation being further supported by the provision of various different methods designed to appeal to different levels of ICT user
  • Targeted help available
  • Familiar interface user options such as floating the mouse over the ‘+’on menus to expand options
  • Appealing interface with text interspersed with appropriate and efficient use of graphics
  • Good use of terminology
  • Accurate information appropriate to the curriculum content included
  • Provision of a range of levels of support materials and background knowledge
  • Provision of files to develop learning by ‘doing’ to complement the learning focusing on ‘finding out’
However with learner centred resources the effectiveness of use may still be influenced by the style of teaching and role of the resource within the broader learning context. No resource can be a panacea. Although interactive in the broader sense the resource cannot provide the review and feedback of a teacher. Low attainers and learners with literacy difficulties or those lacking motivation may struggle to maintain interest without the integration of the resource into a more structured learning programme.

I would consider using the resource to complement and support the learning within my classroom.

Teresa Farran
Liverpool JMU