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Information and Communication Technology for AS Level
By Julian Mott and Anne Leeming
Published in 2002 by Hodder and Stoughton
288 pp ISBN 0 340 80007 0 12.99

Information and Communication Technology for AS Level

The book is written to cater for students who wish to study AS level ICT, but is also suitable for student studying AVCE ICT.

The introduction details specific examination board for which this book complements. It also briefly describes how to make best use of the book, with recommendations to useful websites.

Each chapter is broken down into sections. Firstly the chapter starts with a small amount of theory, which is then tested with an activity to ensure the student understands what has been explained. The chapter then continues this pattern of theory and activity until the end of the chapter, where all information is given in a short summary.

Finally students are given the opportunity to practice answering exam questions specifically relating to the subject within the chapter.

The book is written in very simple, easy to understand language. The layout of the pages relate to a computer screen, with drop down menus giving information and scroll bars, telling the reader how far they have progressed into the book.

The book is published in black and white, which lacks the quality a colour publication would bring particularly when relating to diagrams and pictures. However, an extensive glossary is included and details of all the answers to any examination questions previously listed.

The book is good value for money and recommends it is read in conjunction with other support material, in order to aid the completion of coursework. Generally a good complement to any level 3 ICT course.

Emma Jackson
ICT Teacher Trainee
Liverpool JMU