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Digital Photography - Pocket Guide
By Derrick Story
Published in 2002 by O'Reilly
114pp ISBN 0 596 00454 0 10.50

Digital Photography - Pocket Guide

There would be a tendency for anyone picking this slim, small format (taller than, but same width as A6) book up in a bookshop, to glance at the price and quickly put it back on the shelf.

They would be missing out. Not everyone who is using a digital camera has had the advantage of being totally au-fait with the techniques of traditional photography and this book makes no assumptions. It consists up of 3 main sections: What is it? (providing a guided tour to the typical digital camera, all types and all levels of sophistication); What does it do? (essentially what all the settings mean and do) and; How do I (covering many of the tips that may be useful, such as; avoiding red-eye, using fill-in flash, action shots etc.).

This is the book to supplement any digital camera manufacturers manual (they normally say what you can do, but not why). It focuses on the device and techniques - not what to do with your pictures once you have them, which is the tendency for many (more expensive) books on digital photography.

The book also gives tips on renaming image files but makes no mention of the date and time data stored with many digital images - readers may be interested in the low-cost software item PIE ( which will let you use this data to automatically rename your images.

As a present for anyone who has just turned on to digital photography this book would be a really appropriate gift. It would also be useful for anyone who is studying a course that needs them to make use of a digital camera.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor