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Published in 2002 by Kudlian Software (
Single user licence 25.50 Multi-user licences available.
A demonstration version is available on the website.

Minimum requirements: PC with minimum of Windows 95/NT4, 16 colours, 800 x 600 screen


It is refreshing to have software that doesn't set out to do everything, but that tries to do something well and in a direct way.

Banner produces banners! If your printer uses A4 sheets it splits the job up on separate pages with adequate overlap to paste them together - if you printer can use banner paper it will use that too.

Banner will allow up to 4 lines of text and banners are no more than one sheet tall. The text size rescales if you add or loose lines. You can add borders, coloured backgrounds, images as backgrounds, and use all the fonts that might be available on your PC. In addition Banner is clever enough to allow the embedding of any graphic as if it were a text character - the school logo can appear as part of the banner, as could any pupil produced logos for projects they were undertaking. You can also rescale the final printout to use the number of pages you want to use.

You could do all this in a publishing package - but not as simply. For fast production of display board banners in the computer room this is ideal and worth the expenditure.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor