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Skills for Secondary Teachers: Double Click on Presentations and Publications
By Emma Asprey, Fred Martin, Andy Weymouth
Published in 2001 by Heinemann Publishers
60 pp ISBN 0435047299 16.75

Skills for Secondary Teachers: Double Click on Presentations and Publications

This publication is aimed at teachers with limited IT experience to learn how to create presentations and use multimedia tools. It also offers ideas for how presentations can be used in subjects such as Geography, History, Design & Technology & English. There is a section devoted to setting up websites, in particular designing a school website. There are also notes on how to use ICT for lesson planning, lesson management, teaching and assessment. The book states the National Curriculum orders which creating presentations, web sites and using multimedia link to within ICT and other subjects. There is also a description of the resources necessary to present PowerPoint presentations and how to publish on the Web.

When using the book I encountered some disadvantages: The book will not fold flat & therefore it is difficult to read, keep your place on the page and type at the same time, and; The page layout is not user friendly. A better use of white space would make the pages less cluttered and not confuse the reader so much.

However, there are several strengths to this book. The book shows ideas on how PowerPoint can be used in other subjects and gives examples of activities to try in lessons. For example: Local Study in Geography, Web Guide to the local History in History, Multimedia Adventure Game in Design & Technology, School Uniform Debate in English. There are clear instructions on how to download pictures from the internet; how to scan pictures; how to save files from a digital camera; how to insert images to a document; how to manipulate images on screen; how to send text & images via email; how to insert video clips & add sound to files. There is a glossary at the back of the book giving clear definitions of all ICT terminology used within the book. The teacher to build their own knowledge and also to use within lessons could use this.

The book aims to:

To help teachers use the multimedia features of ICT to present ideas so that they can create teaching and learning resources for children.

To show how the multimedia features of ICT can be related to work that children need to do to achieve standards for National Curriculum Orders in different subjects

I feel that generally, the book fulfils it aims. However, I think this book would be difficult to use unless the reader had some prior knowledge of IT. The pages are overloaded with tips and instructions and whilst these are valuable they are distracting. The instructions often assume prior knowledge of the software (or possibly other Microsoft packages). For example: page 11 is about Views within PowerPoint but there is not an illustration to show how to find the toolbar. I think this software would be good for teachers with some IT experience who have used PowerPoint briefly and are looking to develop skills and find ideas for teaching multimedia within their class.

Laura Curran
Liverpool John Moores