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Webmastering for Dummies
by Daniel A Tauber and Brenda Kienan
published in 2001 by Hungry Minds Inc (Transworld)
412pp ISBN 0 7645 0777 X 16.99

Webmastering for Dummies

You've built your website, now what do you do? This book will help you to take a backwards step so that you can evaluate what you have done and where you want to go now. This is a different emphasis to the O'Reilly Webmaster in a Nutshell approach of helping you to become technically more competent; this Dummies approach is more from a managerial perspective.

That's not to say that some html instruction isn't included, but that is not the main aim of this book. Chapters include those on What Webmasters really do, Creating Content of Consequence, E-commerce in all its forms, Marketing and promoting your website and Measuring and Monitoring Success.

So this is a book for the serious site developer - it considers what many might in hindsight feel as being common sense, such as how to organise your hierarchy of pages, through to looking at the development of a site as a professional project management activity.

This is not a book for all teachers or all pupils, but a book for those who are seeking arguments to best support them in the need for resources to ensure that their - school? - website is professional, well structured and easy to maintain. Those with such a role will find this book very useful indeed.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor