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NetSavvy - Building Information Literacy in the Classroom
By Ian Jukes, Anita Dosaj and Bruce Macdonald
Published in 2000 by Corwin Press (Sage Publications)
160pp ISBN 0 7619 7565 9 14.99

NetSavvy - Building Information Literacy in the Classroom

Papert spoke of needing to work with 'mind-sized bites' and this book sets out to help learners and their teachers cope with what the authors describe as 'Infowhelm'. This book uses the concept of applying 'the 5 As of information literacy' - Asking, Accessing, Analysing, Applying and Assessing to the solution of information needs. Essentially it provides a concrete structure for the refining of thinking and searching skills. This is achieved through the '10-minute lesson plan' and a series of other pro-forma sheets for use by the teacher in planning, and by the learner in undertaking an information based learning activity.

A particular strength of the book are the skills framework statements; all graded against the level of education of the learner. These are classified under the '5As'. In addition all the pro-forma are supplied as photocopiable templates.

Even if you didn't wish to use them all, then the ideas in just the student analysing tools for websites and documenting sources, are worth the cover price and the time spent reading the book.

Fully implementing the ideas in this book will take a leap of faith, but anyone who believes that we need to provide greater support and structure in how learners learn to effectively use both printed and electronically sourced texts will have great sympathy with the ideas expressed here.

A real must-read for all those supporting the use of ICT as a research tool at any stage of education. I for one will be using some of these ideas with my learners.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor