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Making Multimedia in the Classroom - a teachers' guide
By Vivi Lachs
Published in 2000 by RoutledgeFalmer
200pp plus CDROM (Mac/PC) ISBN 0 415 21684 2 19.99

Making Multimedia in the Classroom - a teachers' guide

Ms Lachs is an advisory teacher for ICT based in Hackney and in this book she has taken her experiences of successfully, very successfully, implementing multimedia as a learning tool for children. Prior to reading this book I was already familiar with the CDROMs she has published of pupils' work.

Even in my limited experiences I am aware that multimedia creation excites children and constructs an environment where they learn a skill/craft, learn subject knowledge and learn how to present that information to others.

This book is unique in providing both pragmatic and pedagogical support for the use of multimedia creation across a wide variety of topics and ages. In particular the pragmatic includes management of resource issues as well as issues of project ownership and management.

The book's chapters cover: planning into the curriculum, group work, pace and time, audience, and the actual production of the project followed up with student evaluation and teacher assessment. The CDROM contains examples of children's work and the software needed to view this (Quicktime and Hyperstudio player).

This is an important book, not just for its work in developing multimedia in the classroom but because of the support and evidence it gives in showing how young people can critically assess their own work and also respond to the feedback obtained from users: important lifelong learning skills.

This book should be on the shelves of every academic library and ought to appear in many reading lists. The predominance of academic papers rather than full texts in the references confirm my opinion that this is a seminal text.

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor