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Using the Internet
By Brian Austin
Published in 2000 by Computer Step
512pp ISBN 1 84078 110 6 4.99

Making the most of email
By Nick Vandome
Published in 2000 by Computer Step
512pp ISBN 1 84078 108 4 4.99

Computer Step have a well earned reputation for clear low-cost instruction books for a wide variety of IT related topics. These pocket-sized books (sub-A5) maintain this tradition. Although truly compact with a small typeface they are well printed and clear.

There is a vast amount of information in both of these books (there is some minimal but expected overlap) and the featuring of 'hot-tips', 'beware' and 'don't forget' icons is useful.

Looking at the Internet book it is hard to identify anything that has been omitted (other than detail of less common browsers). The overlap with the other book is in the email section.

The email book deals with more software options but seems to avoid bias (much of the content is tailored to the use of different packages including Eudora and Outlook). A strong feature of this book is the netiquette issues and how to manage your email.

Both books acknowledge the rapid change of things to do with IT and indicate a publisher's website that will provide some update information.

These are useful books but it is unclear as to the real audience. Novices may be put off and the next level of familiarity may be put off by the format (they may think they need something looking more serious).

I can certainly recommend these two and at this price they represent good value for money.

[Editor's Note: Easy steps has recently launched a magazine that may be worth a look at given their track record for clarity.]

Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor