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Word 2000 in Easy Steps
By Scott Basham
Published in 2000 by Computer Step (

Word 2000 in Easy Steps

This computer software training book is the most comprehensive book I have come across, covering all any person needs to learn about this software, especially the basics. Each step is readable on either a single or double page presentation. Annotated screen shots are provided on every page, which allows the reader instant recognition, and actually makes it simpler to follow than the Help function provided in the program.

The symbols used for useful suggestions - a chilli pepper for hot-tips, an elephant for don't forget and a cobra for beware - are a good design idea and are helpful to the newest of beginners.

The pages are numbered clearly in an easily discernable font and the text layout is equally clear. Page layouts are uncluttered and the index is simple to follow.

Some of the more advanced features of Word 2000 are also explained in a simple way, should the reader require these techniques. The book feels light and easy to hold and is very user-friendly. Recommended.

[Editor's note: there are 15 plus other titles in this series which includes: Access 2000, Powerpoint 2000, FrontPage2000, Internet Explorer 5, and, Pagemill. We have reviewed previous editions of several in Computer Education. All are in the same clear and easy to follow format.]

Marina Ashton