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Windows PC
GoBack Professional
Published by Wildfire, distributed in the UK by Centerprise
66 single user. Bulk licences available

GoBack Professional

Have you ever deleted a file or saved a worse new version and only realised 24 hours later that you shouldn't have done that.

Have you a stand-alone system or a loan laptop system where you need to get rid of all the junk users stick on it? Well this utility will quickly, efficiently or even automatically achieve this for you.

I've been running this software on two systems - a laptop and a rather aged PC that likes to play tricks on me. It has been freezing up on boot-up and even lost Windows 95 on a couple of occasions and needed a rebuild.

GoBack is powerful in that it lets you take your machine back in time to a point before you caused the problem. You can choose to revert the whole system, selected drives or single files. It can even cope with Windows failures as it runs between the bios and the operating system. I managed to corrupt Windows whilst installing an Intenet service on the laptop and I just re-booted, chose Go-Back at the start-up screen and reverted to a time before the damaging changes.

You can even install software, test it out and then revert to the pre-installed state. (You'll have to back up other files though if you used any other software). It stores the critical information in approximately 10% of your hard drive, so won't work in the case of critical drive failure.

GoBack installs easily, is simple to use, can be password protected and will save hours of time for anyone who needs to manage loan or stand-alone systems.

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Neil Stanley
Reviews Editor