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Managing ICT
by Terry Freedman
published in 1999 by Hodder and Stoughton
178pp 0 340 75334 X 9.99

Managing ICT

This is a sub-A5 sized publication on thin paper with text that looks as though it's about to fall off the bottom of the page, and its cover is pink too!!

But don't let that put you off.

Although not definitive, and with chapters in an order that I didn't feel quite comfortable with, this is a useful book and will certainly find its way onto my reading lists.

Terry Freedman is an LEA advisor and he certainly brings to the book a collection of useful and pragmatic ideas. In the introduction he claims not to be giving "... all the answers in the ever-changing world of ICT. Hopefully, this book provides many of the questions."

Aspects covered by the book include: Personal skills; Managing hardware and software; Maintenance and routines; Managing achievement in IT; Managing the recording and assessment of IT; Promoting ICT; and, Managing INSET.

This would certainly be a useful book for the new secondary school ICT Coordinator and might be helpful for primary school colleagues, but in addition would make an excellent text to help support the training of those following a PCGE or similar course. It isn't perfect but that in itself helps make useful teaching points.

Neil Stanley,
Reviews Editor