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Issue 105 

November 2003

     1 Editorial  
     2 Steve Kennewell
Message from the Chairman - proposed merger of CEG with NAACE and MAPE
     3 Roger Brodie Measuring impacts and benefits of ICT-for-learning
     9 Sarah Fletcher &
Catherine Meacher
The role of ICT in Teacher Research Mentoring
  15 Andrew Rudd The Writer's Rooms:  working in the spaces of new technology
  19 Jane Finch eMAPS - the LEA ExperienceI
  21 Jennifer Pearce 'Yes! We have no bananas' Are you looking beyond the KS3 strategy?
  23 Charles Worth Broadband stimulates the development of powerful curriculum applications
Cover Picture: Measuring impacts and benefits of ICT-for-;earning:  Extend learning
                            time illustration
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