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      Computer Education

Issue 102 

November  2002

     1 Editorial  
     2 Tom Conlon Information Mapping as Support for Learning and Teaching*
   13 Helen Mikula A Case Study of the Use of  ICT for Raising Achievement
in Key Stages 3 and 4
   17 Peter Page How Children Search for Information on the Internet
   20 Lesley Gray The Impact of NOF on the use of computers in the classroom
   19 Lorraine Sinclair-Evans The role of the Multimedia Computer in the Nursery Setting
   23 Bridget Allgood
& Sarah Hughes
Internet Safety and Misuse in Schools:*
Approaches to ensure Safety in five Northampton Secondary Schools
   29   Book Reviews
   31   Software Reviews
*  These articles have been reviewed prior to acceptance for publication.
The opinions expressed in this journal are not necessarily those of the Computer Education Group, the editors of Computer Education, or the organizations employing the editors, or authors, of published papers.
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