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Naace Archives

This website contains historical archives of the websites if the associations which have merged with Naace, some Naace related sites previously hosted by Becta, and the old Naace website prior to the launch of the new Naace website in June 2007. Note that these are static copies of the sites - any facilities which required form filling, such as logging in and searching, will not work. To search the archived sites, use the Google Custom Search facility below.

Old Naace and merged association sites:

The former Mape website containing primary resources and activities has become

The ACITT site can be accessed at

The Naace Transformed Education and Pull CPD Projects, 2006/7

These two major projects were undertaken by Naace in conjunction with Becta. Many Naace members contributed to these projects which provided valuable outputs.

The Transformed Education Project

These resources, to enable schools to plan approaches to transforming education and to assess their progress, are very relevant and useful today despite ICT systems having moved on since the project was done.

The project analysed what transformed education looks and feels like in schools that have achieved this. It confronts the human and educational issues first, only then considering different ICT approaches to catalyse and aid transformation. The key issue is that education can be successfully transformed in many ways; it is up to the school to choose which approaches are most suitable for their community and pupils.

This is a complete and highly useable set of resources that will challenge the thinking of school senior leadership teams.

The Pull CPD Project

The materials presented here came from the first phase of the project. The project did not progress into the planned second phase due to lack of funding, but it has informed the creation of CPD4Free, with many of the Naace members involved in the Pull CPD project being instrumental in the creation of CPD4Free.

This first phase scoped the CPD needs of the Naace membership through an online survey that a large number of Naace members contributed to. From this 4 key areas of CPD need were identified. Teams of Naace members then scoped these areas in detail and proposed course structures to address these needs. The second phase, had it proceeded, would have created these courses and assembled the resources required.

Please note that these materials have not been updated since 2007 and hence some of the links to exemplar resources will not now work.

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